Vertical Blinds

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Vertical Blinds give patio doors and large windows drama and dimension. 

Fabric Vertical Blinds feature designer-inspired textiles. Light-filtering and room-darkening fabric vanes coordinate easily with pleated and Roman shades. 
Vinyl Vertical Blinds are available in either crown or S-shaped vanes styles. 
Sheer Vertical Blinds combine the appearance of drapery and the practicality of easy light control. When rotated open, vinyl vanes draped in sheer fabric let in softly diffused light.   

Horizontal Blinds

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Horizontal Blinds are an enduring classic. They provide excellent privacy and light control, and they’re also durable, dependable, and easy to clean. 

Available in aluminum and vinyl, our horizontal blinds are engineered to withstand heat and humidity, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. 
Specially designed bumper pads keep the bottomrail of Horizontal Blinds from hitting the windowsill, protecting fine woodwork by minimizing scratches. Color-coordinated components provide a finished, sophisticated look. 

Fauxwood and composite blinds

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Well-crafted and durable, Faux Wood and Composite Blinds offer your customers the luxe look of real wood—for less. 

Lake Forest®​​ Faux Wood Blinds are affordable, easy-to-clean, and engineered to withstand moisture. 
Lake Forest Premium Faux Wood Blinds coordinate beautifully with Wood Blinds by matching wood grains and colors. 
Traditions® Composite Blinds combine the appearance of wood with extra durability—making them ideal for high humidity areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry

Wood Blinds

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An investment in quality, our wood blinds are manufactured from 100% North American hardwoods that foresters harvest using sustainable practices on managed forest land. It’s an eco-frindly product for costumers interested in purchasing green products

Wood Blinds block the light more effectively and feature a better tilt bar for smooth and even manipulation. Bottomrail buttons keep the wood blinds from hitting your customer’s windowsill, protecting fine woodwork and minimizing scratches.​